18-8823-1 WIRE SET GMV8 OMC503755/ VOLVO 8757116-7


  18-8823-1 WIRE SET GMV8 OMC503755/VP8757116-7
  • replaces: OMC 503752
  • replaces: OMC 503755
  • replaces: Volvo 8757116-7


Application: Volvo - Model AQ190A, AQ200B-F, AQ211A, AQ225B & D, AQ231B & D, AQ240A, AQ255A & F, AQ260A & B, AQ271A & D, AQ290A, AQ311A & B, BB225A-C, BB231A, BB260A-C, BB261A, 8 cylinder (FF & R only '74)

Magnetic Suppression Core manufactured for your specific application.
Kevlar® core for maximum durability and long life
Durable stainless steel wound conductor for maximum horsepower and engine performance
Premium silicone jacketing and boots for the ultimate in high temperature protection
Superior RFI suppression for the most sensitive electronic system
Corrosion resistant stainless steel spark plug and distributor terminals for maximum conductivity
OE style boots provide a sealed barrier against heat, dirt and moisture
Thunderbolt type ignition
Part #: 47-88231
Manufacturer: SIERRA
Manufacturer Part #: 88231


18-8823-1 WIRE SET GMV8 OMC503755/ VOLVO 8757116-7
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  • Item #: 18-8823-1
  • Manufacturer: SIERRA
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