129573-77010, 171008- 77010,18-6880 Starter Yanmar HIT S114-257

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 18-6880 Starter Yanmar 129573-77010, 171008- 77010 


These all NEW replacement alternators meet OEM specs and meet or exceed OEM output for guaranteed performance. Fans, pulleys and hardware are plated to resist corrosion and special marine flame arrestor screens eliminate open sparks which can cause explosions and fire. Wiring harnesses are supplied as required by application for ease of installation. All alternators are fully backed by the Sierra warranty.
Part #: 47-6880
Manufacturer: SIERRA
Manufacturer Part #: 18-6880
Order In Multiples Of: 1
Sierra 18-6880 Starter Yanmar
SIE 18-6880
by: Sierra
Yanmar 129573-77010, 171008- 77010 Hitachi S114-257, S114-257G, S114-483, S114-483A. Used on models: 3JH2, 3JH2BE, 3JH2E, 3JH3Z, 3TNE84, 3TNE88, 4JH, 4JH-HT-Z, 4JH-T, 4JH-TZ, 4JH2-CE, 4JHZ-DTE, 4JHZE, 4JH2-HTE, 4JH2-TE, 4H2-UTE, 4JH3, 4JHZ, 4TNE84, 4TNE88, KM3A, UJH2E
129573-77010, 171008- 77010,18-6880 Starter Yanmar  HIT S114-257
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  • Item #: 18-6880
  • Manufacturer: SIERRA
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